All our bouqets are created by Alex; the owner of Bloomin.  With over 20 years experience in the flower industry you can be assured that your special bouqet will be made to his exacting standards, using only the freshest, best and most on point flowers  sourced from the finest growers.

Each bouqet is made to be personal, no 2 are ever the same.

In fact if you visit the stall on a market day you'll find Alex creating hundreds of bouquets for customers, each one tailored to their needs. Our seasonal bouquet is in essence a bouquet that captures all the best flowers the changing seasons give us. 


Each bouqet is gift wrapped in our signature foil and finished with a Raffia Bow


You can even upgrade the value of your bouquet to make your bouquet even bigger and even more special, with us its all about flowers so each upgrade represents more flowers, just like picking them from the stall. 









*We buy our flowers fresh to order and from time to time products may be unavailiable. Should a certain item be unavailable we will use our expert judgment and replace one product for another suitable alternative, but we will NEVER compramise the style, quality or value of the bouquet.